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E-Miracles Ltd. Offering business Services:

E-Miracles Ltd. is a motivated and highly professional company with a drive of success for all our clients. Attaching ourselves as part of our client's management team E-Miracles Ltd. prides ourselves on a personalised and active approach to business.

E-Miracles Ltd. services are highly sought after by Small, Medium businesses and sole traders alike in their pursuit to grow and build their businesses in a competitive environment.

E-Miracles Ltd. is primarily a capacity building company aimed towards ensuring that each and every one of its clients achieves optimum success.

E-Miracles Ltd. offer an affordable yet effective service which suits all business budgets, E-Miracles Ltd. work on a transparent project fee basis.

Marketing services provide by E-Miracles Ltd:

PostHeaderIconHitting the Targets with managing all sorts of Marketing & Sales Promotion Support and Public Relation.

PostHeaderIconManaging People & Organisations,

PostHeaderIconManaging Accounting & Finance support for Decision Making.

PostHeaderIconPlanning for Managing Change or Diversification of Business.

PostHeaderIconStrategic Business Management for Small and Medium Enterprises

PostHeaderIconImprove Your Sale with E-marketing campaign & Management.

PostHeaderIconIncrease your Sale with Brand Developments & Marketing.

PostHeaderIconSocial media campaign development and management.

PostHeaderIconMarketing plan creation and its implementations.

PostHeaderIconLocal/ National Press release creation and distribution.

PostHeaderIconLocal/ National level Marketing,Social Media Training and Workshops.

PostHeaderIconProtecting your Business (Business continuity & Disaster recovery Planning.)


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Managing all sorts of Marketing & Sales Promotion Support and Public Relation. Managing People & Organisations

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