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About Us:

E-Miracles Ltd. is a highly dynamic company offering a unique and professional service to businesses or organisations that require a committed and driven marketing support to increase the sales and marketing potential of their organisation without the pressure of big agency fees.

How we work

First Visit

Our first visit to prospective clients is without charge or obligation. This gives us the opportunity to understand your needs and to make an assessment of how we would undertake your project.

This first visit also gives prospective client the opportunity to meet us and feel comfortable knowing we have your interests foremost in our minds. An important part of the first visit is to explore issues and understand the underlying causes.

After Our First Visit:

This first meeting is followed up by a letter setting out our understanding about the objectives of the project. The steps we plan to take; our estimate of the time required, the cost and proposed starting and completion dates. We aim to break each project down into stages that can be reviewed with you. These stages enable you to assess progress and feel in control of the project. The recommendations we make are practical, suitable and carefully prepared. We have found from experience that the most technically advanced or complex solution may not necessarily be the most appropriate!

We will never undertake projects unless we are confident of completing them successfully. In addition, we do not make recommendations that we are not prepared to implement ourselves. Indeed, we welcome the opportunity to implement our recommendations.


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Managing all sorts of Marketing & Sales Promotion Support and Public Relation. Managing People & Organisations

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