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E-Miracles Ltd's Business Talent and Rates:

E-Miracles Ltd. is offering marketing services & offers a unique management Service, treating each individual client much in the same way as a business client. E-Miracles Ltd undertakes the same effective marketing strategy and principals to promote our talent management clients' brands.

What is Talent Management?:

The more successful you become in business the more demand there will be for your time and knowledge as an individual brand. Like a successful footballer or celebrity; entrepreneurs are becoming highly sought after figures in the public realm.

E-Miracles Ltd. Represents entrepreneurs and successful business people from all industries. Our talent management service is based on a simple model of transparent communication, integrity and enthusiasm. Consider us your “Business Agent”.

E-Miracles Ltd. undertake:

Brand Management
Online and offline brand awareness campaigns for individual clients.

Client representation

E-Miracles Ltd actively represent our clients; seeking out client appropriate public speaking engagements and events as a platform to showcase client talent.

Public Relations Management:

Ensuring that our individual client receives balanced profiles in the media and maximising on all media coverage gained from their business successes.

Our rates start from as little as £100


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Managing all sorts of Marketing & Sales Promotion Support and Public Relation. Managing People & Organisations

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promise of favourable development and future success..

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